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Most people like where it is they are from but few people truly love where they are from. You can’t help but notice the passion the people from the Avenue of the Giants have for their home.

On a recent visit I made a point of talking to as many people as I could and I realized the depth of their knowledge and love for their home. They know the history of their homes, towns and the people that have come before them. They support one another in the way they speak of one another as well as selling one another’s products. This is truly a community that one would want to belong to as well as one would want to strive to emulate in their own part of the world. The kindness and respect they show one another is evident in everything they do. Maybe it is the air or the trees.

Whatever it is it is truly beautiful and somewhat magical as it weaves a web around you and makes you want to stay.

Here are a few of our favorite businesses and attractions on the Avenue of the Giants (and nearby).

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Confusion Hill (attraction) – 25 miles south of Avenue of the Giants, on Highway 101

One Log House (attraction) – 15 miles south of Avenue of the Giants, on Highway 101

Grandfather Tree (attraction) – 15 miles south of Avenue of the Giants, on Highway 101

Miranda Gardens Resort (lodging) – Miranda

Shrine Drive Thru Tree (attraction) – Myers Flat