#8 – Drury-Chaney Grove

This 2.4 mile nature loop trail is one of the most beautiful trails in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Many photographic opportunities can be found along this redwood forest trail. As you travel along the cool, shaded trail, you will discover a bench that was dedicated to Ralph W. Chaney for re-discovering the dawn redwood in China in 1948, and bringing the seeds to the United States. (Source: Humboldt Redwoods State Park).

More about the Drury-Chaney Loop Trail

Sign Post for eighth Auto Tour Stop
Drury-Chaney Loop Trail sign post
Memorial Sign for the Drury-Chaney Grove
Drury-Chaney Trail information sign
Map of Drury-Chaney Trail from Information Plaque
Grove Memorial
Grove Memorial plaque close-up
Drury-Chaney Trail
Drury-Chaney Trail
Drury-Chaney Trail
Drury-Chaney Trail
Fallen Tree on the Drury-Chaney Trail
Beautiful blanket of clover on the Drury-Chaney Trail