For Release: June 19, 2017

Since 2003, AVEOFTHEGIANTS.COM has been providing information and recommendations for visitors to the Avenue of the Giants.

We’re very excited to announce a major update of the Avenue of the Giants website, just in time for Summer! The update will make the site more engaging and accessible, and will provide more information, especially for kids.

Here are a few of the changes:

  • A new section, Redwoods for Kids, featuring activities to engage children and teens visiting the Redwoods. The new section includes a downloadable guide of things to look for in the redwoods, as well as Fun Facts, and a Redwoods knowledge quiz.
  • An online store featuring redwoods-themed clothing and accessories.
  • A fresh new website design, which is easily accessible from phones and other mobile devices.

We invite you to visit AVEOFTHEGIANTS.COM, and give us your suggestions and feedback.

If you have a business on the Avenue of the Giants, please check the Towns section of our website to make sure the contact information for your business is correct.

For more information, contact: