Here are a few of our favorite businesses and attractions on the Avenue of the Giants (and nearby).

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Confusion Hill – one of dozens of “gravity hills” or “mystery spots” that once dotted roadside America. 25 miles south of Avenue of the Giants, on Highway 101

Eternal Tree House – a 20-foot room carved from the stump of a 2,500-year-old redwood.  It sits a bit below ground level, so going into the house feels a bit like entering a Hobbit hole! Redcrest

Ferndale – the historic “Victorian Village” is located 22 miles north of the Avenue, just off Highway 101

Grandfather Tree – 265 feet tall, and 24′ in diameter. It is estimated to be 1,800 years old. 15 miles south of Avenue of the Giants, on Highway 101

Living Chimney Tree – a 78-foot-tall remnant of a redwood tree that has been hollowed out by fire. Phillipsville

Miranda Gardens Resort – a classic American “Cabin Camp,” built in 1929. Miranda

One Log House – hollowed out from a single log in 1946.  The inside is 7′ high by 32′ long, and features a seating area, dining table, kitchen and bedroom. 15 miles south of Avenue of the Giants, on Highway 101

Redwood Sky Walk – walk among the crowns of the redwoods, more than 100 feet above the ground! At the Eureka Zoo, 35 miles North of Avenue of the Giants

Shrine Drive Thru Tree – a chimney tree, hollowed out by fire more than 100 years ago. A tunnel through the tree resulted from the fire, and has since been widened, allowing vehicles to drive through.  Myers Flat