Confusion Hill (attraction)

Confusion Hill is one of dozens of “gravity hills” or “mystery spots” that once dotted roadside America. A series of optical illusions and the power of suggestion make it seem that the laws of gravity don’t work at Confusion Hill.

Confusion Hill opened in 1949. In addition to tours of the gravity hill, Confusion Hill offers a train ride and a spectacular totem pole, the largest free-standing chainsaw carving in the world.

Confusion Hill is located 25 miles south of the southern entrance to  Avenue of the Giants.

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confusion-hill-1My first stop along Highway 101 was Confusion Hill. There is a sign there that say’s “If you came here to have fun you will, if you didn’t you won’t!”

We had a lovely time! There is a lovely little trail with several stops along the way that will confuse and delight you. This is where you go to open your mind and to be a child again. Do not over analyze everything and just enjoy the moment. I was finally able to be taller than my teenage son again and he was able to walk on walls. We stacked rocks, counted rings and were marveled and confused. We laughed, smiled and kept an eye out for the elusive Chipalope! 

There is a Train Ride that is about 1 ¼ miles long that was built in 1955. It goes up the hilltop and back using a special Alpine switchback system to ascend the hill.

Confusion Hill is a California State Point of Historical Interest and has been in business since 1949. Originally owned by George Hudson, it is now owned by Doug and Carol Campbell and has been for the past sixteen years. Meeting Carol was a pleasure! Standing behind the counter helping customers and greeting them as they came in the front door was like walking into a time warp. Carol was warm and generous in sharing her time with me, her knowledge of the surrounding area and the history of her business made me want to learn more as well as to come back. In between helping customers and talking with me she shared with me some local history as well. The gift shop offered something for everyone and even in the parking lot there where things for the kids to explore!

Let your inner child roam….