Miranda Gardens Resort (lodging)


6766 Avenue of the Giants
Miranda, CA
(707) 943-3011

Miranda Gardens is a classic American “Cabin Camp.” Long before there were cookie-cutter motels, cabins and cottages provided roadside lodging for travelers and tourists.

Miranda Gardens features 16 restored cottages, each unique, featuring modern amenities like Wi-Fi and cable TV. The cottages were built with redwood, and at some point in their history the walls were painted (since redwood was considered a cheap wood). As part of the restoration, the paint was stripped, revealing the beautiful redwood beneath.

The cottages are surrounded by redwoods, and there is also a heated swimming pool, a children’s play area,  and a fire pit.

The resort was built in 1929, and was originally called Pulscher’s Motor Inn. The name and owners changed several times, until 1948, when a new owner planted rose gardens (where the swimming pool is currently located), and gave the resort its current name.

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