One Log House (attraction)

one-log-houseOne Log house is an interesting tourist stop on Highway 101, 17 miles south of the southern entrance to  Avenue of the Giants.

The log house was hollowed out from a single log in 1946.  The inside is 7′ high by 32′ long, and features a seating area, dining table, kitchen and bedroom.

The house was originally mounted on wheels, and toured the United States for many years, before finally being installed in its current location in 1999.

There’s also a gift shop and a snack bar featuring espresso, soft drinks, milkshakes, hot dogs, burritos, and ice cream!  It’s a fun stop on your way to the Avenue.

705 U.S. 101
Garberville, CA, 95542

One Log House website

One Log House is next door to the GrandFather Tree.  Each has its own parking area, but you can easily walk between the two.