Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.47.14 AMThe aveofthegiants.com website is under new ownership!  We have lots of plans for the site in the coming months, but we’ll start with a promise to respect and support the Avenue of the Giants community, the extended family of people who love the Avenue, and  the natural beauty and wonder of the majestic California Redwoods.

If you have suggestions or ideas for the site, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.  We plan to make the site more “interactive” and we really encourage your participation.

And please visit and like Avenue of the Giants on Facebook, maintained by the original creator of the aveofthegiants.com website.

Our Marathons

avenue-of-the-giants-marathonThe Avenue of the Giants is a stunning setting for a marathon … but we don’t have one marathon, we have two!

Both of these events are Certified Boston Marathon Qualifiers.

Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

In October is the Humboldt Redwoods Marathon, taking its name from Humboldt Redwood State Park. Register Here!

Avenue of the Giants Marathon

In May there is the marathon named for our beautiful Avenue… the Avenue of the Giants Marathon.  In addition to a full marathon, there is a half marathon and a 10K run.   Register Here!

New Blog

Welcome to newly redesigned website for the Avenue of the Giants.  It is a work on progress but proudly represents the Avenue, its businesses and attractions.  The site has had several incarnations since 2004, when it became clear that there wasn’t a website that promoted the beautiful scenic drive with its quaint little towns and hundreds of groves, specifically.  Search the web for another site and you will find links to restaurants, lodging and activities nearly everywhere but on the Avenue.

In addition to this site, there is a thriving Facebook page where thousands of Avenue of the Giants enthusiasts interact, post photos, comment and ask questions.  On a semi regular basis, there are new posts, links and shared items that may interest those who love the Avenue and Redwoods in general.

Both on this website and on Facebook there will be periodic updates about events, attractions and businesses on the Avenue.  If there is something that you would like to see on the site, please post about it on the Facebook page.

This is a private effort by one who holds a full time job … so, please be patient … new blog posts, articles and updates to the Facebook page are ongoing.

Thanks for visiting!  Please tell your friends and family about the Avenue of the Giants, this site and our Facebook page … there is also a Google+ page being developed.