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Are the California Fires a Danger to the Redwoods?

forestfireWe’ve heard this question many times in the past few months, as forest fires sweep across drought-stricken California.

The short answer is no, the redwoods are not in danger.

Remember that the oldest redwoods are thousands of years old.  They are survivors, and they have lived through many fires.  The redwoods have several natural defenses:

  • The acid soil and deep shade in a redwood forest limit the undergrowth, which means there is little fuel for forest fires.
  • The redwoods have thick, fibrous bark, which does not catch flame easily, and which protects the tree from heat and fire damage.
  • The branches of the redwood trees begin far from the ground, so flames from ground fires can’t reach them.

It’s likely that the redwoods will survive the current California fire season, and thousands more to come!


Did You Know?

The Redwood is the official California State Tree.  It was designated by the state legislature in 1937.

In 1953 the law was amended and clarified to include both the Sequoia sempervirens (the redwoods found along the Avenue) and the Sequoia gigantea.

North Coast Man Claims Discovery of World’s Fattest Redwood

Redwood records are based on three things:  the height of the tree, the total volume of the tree, or the girth of the trunk.

John Montague, a North Coast man, claims to have found the redwood with the largest girth, measuring 29.2 feet at breast height.  The location of the tree has not been divulged, but the measurements have been confirmed by redwood expert Zane Moore.   The current official record-holder has a diameter of 27.4 feet.

The newly-discovered tree is 254 feet tall, which is an average height for a full-grown redwood.  It is estimated to be 2400-2500 years old.

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Plans to Widen Highway at Richardson Grove Halted

A controversial plan by CalTrans to widen the highway at Richardson Grove (highway 101 south of the Avenue of the Giants) have been halted by recent court decisions.

The plan, which would have done irreparable damage to redwoods, some over 2,000 years old, was first proposed by CalTrans in 2007.   It has been opposed by a broad coalition of environmental and community groups, which have won several lawsuits against CalTrans.  The plaintiffs agreed to drop the most recent lawsuit against CalTrans in exchange for the agency withdrawing project approval.

Read more at the Environmental Protection Information Center.

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Our Marathons

avenue-of-the-giants-marathonThe Avenue of the Giants is a stunning setting for a marathon … but we don’t have one marathon, we have two!

Both of these events are Certified Boston Marathon Qualifiers.

Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

In October is the Humboldt Redwoods Marathon, taking its name from Humboldt Redwood State Park. Register Here!

Avenue of the Giants Marathon

In May there is the marathon named for our beautiful Avenue… the Avenue of the Giants Marathon.  In addition to a full marathon, there is a half marathon and a 10K run.   Register Here!