Fleishmann & Gould Trails

Fleishmann Grove Trail

An easy, flat, 0.7 mile out-and-back trail (total distance = 1.4 miles)

The Fleishmann Grove Trail follows the South fork of the Eel River.  It passes through a previously logged stand of redwoods.

Gould Grove Nature Loop Trail

An easy, flat, 0.62 mile wheelchair-accessible loop trail.

The trail passes though a pleasant grove of redwoods, though they are not as large as others in the park.  There is lush undergrowth, including ferns and redwood sorrel.  There are a number of interpretive signs explaining how the redwoods resist fire, insects, and floods.

Directions:  These easy trails are directly across the highway from the Visitor’s Center.  Take the crosswalk from the parking lot, and follow the short trail into the woods.  At the trail junction, you’ll find signs for the Fleishmann Grove Trail on the left, and the Gould Grove Nature Loop Trail on the right.