Founders Grove Loop Trail

IMAG1725_1An easy, 1/2 mile loop trail.

This is a lovely trail!  The major features on this short trail are the towering Founders Tree, and the Dyerville Giant.

The Founders Tree gives visitors an outstanding vertical view, since the branches don’t start until about 200 feet up the trunk. Standing at the base, looking straight up, you can’t help but be awestruck.

The Dyerville Giant is probably the largest fallen redwood log in the world. The tree fell in 1991.  The resulting log is more than 400 feet long, and weighs over a million pounds. Walking along the length of the log will give you an entirely different perspective on how big the redwood giants really are.

Directions:  Take the Dyerville Loop Road, between Auto Tour Stop 5 (Mahan Grove) and Auto Tour Stop 6 (Dyerville Lookout).  About 100 yards up the road, turn into the Founders Grove parking lot.  Park and proceed along the trail past the restrooms.