The Magic of the Redwoods

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If you believe, if you allow the magic that resides within you the freedom to explore and soar then I promise you every moment you spend on the Avenue of the Giants will be nothing less than magical and breath-taking.

It is truly the entrance to another world. Time has passed here unlike any other place. You will leave a piece of yourself here and want to come back time and time again. It captures your heart and soul, leaving you breathless with its beauty.

The drive itself is stunning. The winding roads with these towering, magnificent giants looming above you. Each one uniquely different. There is a gentle slope to one while another leans against it for strength. There branches intertwine to create a canopy creating shadows that dance over you as move along. You will begin to search the wooded area for unicorns and fairy’s because this must be where they have all come. This must be the place dragons, hobbits, knights in shining armor and all the dreams we had as children have come until we believed again.

Each stop along the way will show you something new, teach you even more. You will learn what a precious, important place the Redwoods are. You will find your balance here. You will walk slower, look around, see things clearer and breathe deeper. You will understand why the people before you loved it so dearly, why they worked so hard to preserve it.

As you explore the trails and talk with others along the way they will share their knowledge with you. You will leave knowing something new, having grown right beside the incredible Redwoods. You will talk softer, feeling a peace that you haven’t felt in a very long time.

There are eight stops on this journey and each one is special and unique. Each one will leave you with an unforgettable memory that will forever be etched in your heart.

You will forever be changed if even in the smallest of ways. You may never look at a spider web the same way again or maybe every time you see a small stream you will remember having crossed it using that tiny wooden plank.

It is place of magic, dreams and endless possibilities. It is where my heart is. I will be back to reclaim it someday. Until then, I know it is safe nestled high upon the branches of these incredible, noble giants.

 – Jennifer, Ohio