The Redwoods for Kids

Cell phone reception is often poor along the Avenue of the Giants, especially on the trails.  We recommend downloading and printing the activity guides before your trip.

When hiking in the redwoods, please remember to stay on the trails, and don’t take anything you find there.

Things to Look For

A list of things to watch for, while hiking in the redwoods.  The list includes explanations of why things are important.


Word Search

Find words related to the redwoods within a jumble of letters.


Coast Redwoods Quiz

Learn about the Coast Redwoods, then download our quick quiz to see how much you learned.


Recommended Attractions for Kids and Families

Drive Thru Tree on the Avenue of the Giants

Confusion Hill gravity spot and train ride (25 miles south of Phllipsville)

One-Log House (17 miles south of Phillipsville)

Redwood Sky Walk (35 miles north of Pepperwood)