On the Avenue

The Avenue of the Giants began as an unpaved logging train and stage coach route in the 1880s. It was paved in the early part of the 20th century (1909-1923), and quickly became a popular tourist destination.

In 1960, a 31-mile stretch was bypassed by a newly-completed section of US Highway 101. The Avenue became frozen in time, and protected, leaving a magical place to escape the modern world.

Getting There – The Avenue of the Giants is a four-hour drive from San Francisco, but plan on taking a little longer and enjoying the many small towns along the way.

Auto Tour – Eight designated stops along the 32-mile Avenue are a great way to sample the redwoods experience.

Towns – There are six small, historic towns along the Avenue, and each is worth a visit!

Hiking – From short, easy strolls along well-marked paths to vigorous and challenging all-day hikes, there are many opportunities to get out of your car and experience the full magic and majesty of the redwoods.

Attractions – Since the 1930s, the Avenue of the Giants has been a popular tourist destination. You’ll find many vintage tourist attractions, as well as more up-to-date activities, on and near the Avenue.

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