Getting to the Avenue of the Giants

The Avenue of the Giants is a 31-mile stretch of 2-lane road, winding through the largest remaining redwood forest. The California Coast Redwoods (sequoia sempervirens) are the tallest tress in the world.

The Avenue was bypassed by a newly-completed section of US Highway 101 in 1960, leaving behind a beautiful and historic section of “old California” highway.

You can enter the Avenue from either end – at Phillipsville in the South (exit 645), or Pepperwood in the North (exit 674).

Getting There

From San Francisco (215 miles)

Drive north on US Highway 101

Take Exit 645 (Phillipsville) onto CA 254, the Avenue of the Giants

From Sacramento (233 miles)

Drive North on Interstate 5

Drive West on California 20

Drive North on US 101

Take Exit 645 (Phillipsville) onto CA 254, the Avenue of the Giants

From Eureka (35 miles)

Drive South on US 101

Take Exit 674 (Pepperwood) onto CA 254, the Avenue of the Giants

Road Conditions

There are sometimes delays on US 101 during winter due to landslides or flooding. To check current road conditions, visit:

Suggested Detours

Coming from San Francisco, take a detour to historic Sonoma, the site of the Bear Flag Revolt, where California declared its independence from Mexico. Sonoma is also the site of Mission San Francisco de Solano, the northernmost of the California Missions.

Coming from Sacramento or San Francisco, visit Napa, the center of California’s best-known wine producing region. Many wineries feature tasting rooms, tours, and gift shops.

Coming from Eureka, be sure to stop in Ferndale, the Victorian Village, a charming town that was first settled in the 1850s.