Population:  (unknown)

Elevation:  115′

Pepperwood is an unincorporated community at the northern end of the Avenue of the Giants.

In 1955, The Big Flood swept over the plain and into Pepperwood, wiping out stores, a school, gas stations, a church, and much more. Pepperwood was hit with another flood in 1964 that destroyed all that remained.

Although there are no services, and isn’t a ‘town’ any longer, there is a collection of residents who love their community. Many of these residents own and operate road-side produce stands. With the rich soil and great weather, the produce is terrific! You can catch them mostly in spring and summer along the Avenue of the Giants. Pick up some snacks for your journey.

Don’t forget to stop at the Pepperwood Hwy 101 exit for a free Auto Tour Map of the Avenue.

Pepperwood Highlights

The Corn Crib (produce)
Pepperwood, CA
(707) 499-0774

Flood Plain Produce & Vacation House
Pepperwood, CA
(707) 722-4330