Population:  140 (2010 census)

Elevation:  289′

Phillipsville is the southernmost town on the Avenue.  It is famous for old growth redwoods and California’s largest and oldest standing redwood trees. Having said that, there are debates in the region regarding the oldest and tallest trees — just know that the trees here are huge and note-worthy.

There are several places to stay if you’d like to spend the night around Phillipsville. In addition to finding groceries, gas, and other points of interest there are several river access points.

If you are leaving the Avenue, stop for a little zen moment to fit in your pocket before you get back on Hwy 101. Here’s what you do: take one last look up at these majestic redwoods, inhale deeply, and let your cares slip away.

Aren’t you glad Phillipsville was here so you could have closure on your adventure?

Phillipsville Highlights

Chimney Tree (attraction / restaurant)
1111 Ave of the Giants
Phillipsville, CA
(707) 923-2265

US Post Office
2788 California 254
Phillipsville, CA
(707) 943-3591