Population:  89 (2010 census)

Elevation:  377′

Redcrest made its debut as a town in 1919. It was nothing more than a logging camp at the time.

This fair little town is reminiscent of a 1952 movie starring Kirk Douglas named, “The Big Trees” set in the heart of the redwoods in the early 1900’s featuring the events of a logging town.

Because of its location atop a hillside, Redcrest survived both the flood in 1955 and 1964, while nearby towns (Pepperwood and Weott) suffered extensive damage.

True to its roots (pun intended), Redcrest had an operating saw mill that employed over 100 people (Eel River Sawmills) until recently. It struggled to stay open from the late 1990’s to early 2000. In April 2004, the sawmill auctioned off its property.

When in the area, don’t miss the popular Eternal Tree, which is a 20-foot room in a living redwood. We encourage you to sign the guest book. The Immortal Tree stands near Redcrest and has overcome floods, fires, lightning strikes, and even the attempt of logger’s to fall it.

Redcrest Highlights

Ancient Redwoods RV Park
28101 Avenue of the Giants
Redcrest, CA
(707) 722-4396

Eternal Tree House (attraction)
26510 California 254
Redcrest, CA
(707) 722-4262

Redcrest Resort (lodging)
26459 California 254
Redcrest, CA
(707) 722-4208

US Post Office
26406 California 254
Redcrest, CA
(707) 722-4241