Population:  288 (2010 census)

Elevation:  300 feet

Weott used to be a mover and shaker… well, just a mover. I say this because it straddled the Avenue, but the 1964 flood devastated the town and completely washed it (and several others) away. It was time to relocate and is currently nestled next to hwy 101.

The town itself was named after the Native American Wiyot Indians. Wiyots have lived in the Northern California coastal region for thousands of years occupied in hunting wildlife, salmon fishing, basketry, and gathering roots for medicine and food. (www.wiyot.com)

Weott residents and travelers today enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. There are tons of things for you do here, like hiking & fishing, camping in the State Park, or jumping in a canoe or kayak to have an adventure down the Eel River. On your way down the Avenue, we encourage you to stop by the Humboldt Redwoods State Park visitor center, just south of town.

Weott Highlights

Humboldt Redwood State Park Visitor Center
P.O. Box 276
Weott, CA
(707) 946-2263

US Post Office
11 Lum Street
Weott, CA
(707) 946-2456